LAPSE Collection 002

It’s only fitting that I sit here writing this article decked out head to toe in a LAPSE t-shirt and a pair of LAPSE Tech Joggers. It seems like yesterday that Nat Taubman, owner and creative director of LAPSE, hit us up for some editorials and a preview of his new, understated luxury streetwear label. Twelve months down the track LAPSE 002 has just landed in our inbox and, as with the last collection, Nat has delivered a collection centred on refined detailing, quality fabrics and effortless cool.

002 is largely an extension of the aesthetic that was developed in the first collection, consisting of monochromes that accentuate unique detailing. The majority of fabrications are developed and sourced in Osaka Japan and like most aspects of design & creative, simplicity is key. The consistency in tone and style across the collection makes it extremely interchangeable and instead of appealing to that one statement piece, you can easily find yourself with 4-5 items in your basket, each wearable with the other.

Beyond the great style and unique designs of LAPSE is the fact it’s Australian born and bred – and at TVG that gets an extra large tick of approval. We (and you) need to get out there and support brands that help build our local fashion industry and LAPSE is a very solid place to start. Full collection below and online store right here

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