Land Rover Has Officially Finished Production of the Defender

The Land Rover Series aka Defender is without doubt one of the most iconic vehicles ever made, but unfortunately all good things must come to and end. On Friday, after 68 years of continuous production, the last original Defender rolled off the line. To celebrate what is arguably its greatest achievement, Land Rover threw a party after the last Defender was finished.

Winston Churchill Series Land Rover

Defender production was reportedly supposed to end in 2015, but high demand for final edition Defenders pushed production into 2016. They announced the eventual end of Defender production in 2013 due to increasingly stringent emissions and safety regulations. Over two million Land Rover Series and Defenders were built since production began.

Thankfully, the majority of these wonderful vehicles will outlive the majority of us, which means there’s no excuses for not owning one at some point in your life.

Land Rover Series

Via Road & Track


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