Lacquer Embassy Pocket Squares

We get sent a lot of look books, rarely are they shot as well or enjoyed as much as the debut pocket square collection from Lacquer Embassy. The man behind the brand and the shoot is designer and stylist Nikhil Sharma shows his creative range with this diverse collection of pocket squares. So why the name Lacquer Embassy?

“Lacquer is a surface coating, applied by a craftsman as a final finishing touch. It resonates the words polished and  finished. The word embassy denotes a space that contains what I love the most, a menagerie of my creations, accoutrements and thoughts, all brought together in a single institution. This space is here to make you a part of my universe.”

Nikhil’s Lacquer Embassy combines classic influences with modern culture, focusing heavily on attention to detail and minimalist silhouettes. His designs are hybrids that reflect today’s lifestyles without being rooted in any particular time or era.

I was initially drawn to the range because I really only wear white shirts with my suits. I think when you’re keeping your look simple with a white shirt and classic tie combo an eccentric pocket square adds the perfect amount of attitude to your outfit. An even better option would be to pop the ‘Laneway Square’ into the jacket pocket of your dark navy check with an open white shirt and let it take centre stage.

You can check out the full range of pockets and shirts at Lacquer Embassy.

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