The Only Road Worthy Porsche 935 Ever Built Is For Sale

98%. That’s how true race car builder Kremer was to the original 1979 Porsche 935.

Since its impressive performance at Le Mans, the Porsche 935 has been a coveted yet un-road-worthy car. That is until the original owner, Walter Wolf ordered the necessary changes be made in order to make the 935 friendly for the streets after he purchased it 1980.

Porsche 935

The original Porsche 935 was based on the chassis of the popular Porsche 911. This may come to the surprise of many as the 935’s interior and body look nothing like the many elegant 911’s Porsche has graced us with throughout the years. The 935 also laid the foundations for Porsche’s flirting with turbocharging, which would, of course, be included in the Porsche 930 Turbo. This inclusion in the 930 lead to many enthusiasts and Le Mans wannabe’s modifying their vehicle’s exteriors with slanted noses to increase aesthetic resemblance to the 935.

Porsche 935

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Thankfully, the spirit and heart that makes a Porsche 935 remains. Engine perks include a 2 litre, twin-turbo six-cylinder which results in the 740 horsepower, controlled through the four-speed manual gearbox. A track-racers dream, to be sure. To make the machine road-worthy, Kremer merely added some new lights and indicators as well as some custom-made Goodyear tires that fit the original 935 frame.

Porsche 935

Antique German car dealer Cartique is responsible for the promotion and sale of the vehicle, which has passed through the hands of many wealthy European businessmen in the decades since Walter Wolf’s original ownership. According to Cartique, Kremer’s adaptation hit top speed on the autobahn and under Wolf’s experienced hand, the Porsche 935 reached an impressive 238 miles (383 km) per hour.

Porsche 935

Walter Wolf paid around $800,000 USD for the Porsche 935 in 1980. No official price tag has been assigned by Cartique, and the company will only disclose its figures to those who are serious about the acquisition. But considering the original cost, inflation, and the many road-worthy updates the Porsche 935 has experienced, a betting man might place the car’s value at somewhere between the $3-5 million mark.

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