Kavalan Solist Port Cask Review

Ask any whisky enthusiast and they will tell you the world of whiskies has never been as diverse as it is today. Scotch is no longer the lone king. We have Australian, American and Japanese whiskies vying for the title. But the biggest surprise for those not in the know is the rise of Taiwanese company Kavalan.

Kavalan’s rise to fame started when its Solist Vinho Barrique statement took out the prestigious World Whisky of the year in 2014. Since then they have produced one magnificent whisky after another.

This brings us to this weeks review the Kavalan Solist Port Cask. Aged entirely in a port cask it imparts excellent flavours. At nearly 60% ABV it sure does pack a punch without being overbearing. There is complexities in this dram which some of the biggest names in scotch will struggle to match.

Kavalan Port Cask

Nosing (Aromas)

Right from the outset there are wonderful fruity notes with plum leading the way with light zest to keep things interesting. Right towards the end of the nosing you start to experience are rise in oak – a trait often seen in top range bourbon.

Palate (Taste)

The fruitiness continues to the palate in the form of plum but this time there is a stronger citrus note. This is balanced nicely with toffee notes along with hints of dark chocolate.

Finish (After Taste)

Generally speaking the complexities tend to die down at the finish but not here. There is citrus combining with toffee and a late introduction of warm spices to round off a brilliant experience.

Kavalan Port Cask

Overall, I’d encourage any lover of whisky to give the Kavalan Solist Port Cask a go. Due to popularity, this is hard to find but certainly well worth the dollars.

Notes on the Author – Pranil Chandra is the man behind the Instagram Whisky Blog kyandkey. Pranil holds regular corporate whisky tasting masterclass. Learn more at www.kyandkey.com.au

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