Johnnie Walker Red Label Spring Racing Style feat. M.J. Bale and The Versatile Gent – Double-Breasted

The double-breasted suit has made a triumphant return to the wardrobe of the modern gentleman, and as a spring racing option there’s nothing as powerful or sophisticated. Current trends for the double-breasted suit are pushing towards an accentuated peak lapel and a 6-button design; however the most important factor when wearing a DB is fit. The jacket must sit flush across the shoulders and pull in around the waist to help draw out the lines of the suit, which can otherwise become slightly boxy. Secondly the jacket should always remain done up via the top button to preserve its form.

Spring fashion is as much about comfort as it is about style, so the lightweight M.J. Bale Boorowa Double Breasted suit is a perfect solution. The DB is paired here with a cut-away collar white shirt. The white and navy sets the perfect platform for a bold tie choice; a punchy green silk knit. This is classic example of simple colour pairing to create a unique and stylish outfit. There’s something nostalgic about wearing a double-breasted suit, paying homage to traditional men’s attire. The double-breasted suit will become a favourite by all those who invest in one, and it’s our preferred look for a day at the races this year.

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