Johnnie Walker Explorers Club Review

The Johnnie Walker Explorers Club is a collection of whiskies celebrating the Explorers Club who’s members have traversed the world in the name of science and research. It’s an exclusive club with the great Neil Armstrong and Sir Edmund Hillary being members.

This particular statement titled ‘Spice Road’, embodying the spirit of the ancient trade and spice route between Persia, India and China. So, when I read something similar on their bottle I was intrigued. Is this just wonderful market or will it deliver where it counts? Lets have a look!

Nosing (Aromas)

On the nose, you get vanilla, oak and spices. Not just superficial spice but deep flavours such as cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. The balance of these spices with the vanilla and the woodiness of the oak takes you to the spice route!

Palate (Taste)

The palate brings a thick caramel syrup nectar which quickly gives way to the spices once again with pepper and cinnamon tingling your taste buds. The earlier sweet note is present and does not overpower the spice to maintain great harmony.

Finish (After Taste)

The finish is somewhat quick with charred smoke mingling with oak.

Overall, the Johnnie Walker Explorers Club – Spice Road is a triumph in marketing and delivering on the promises made. This is a travel exclusive product and if you can’t decide what to pick up get this – if you like your whisky you won’t regret it.

Notes on the Author – Pranil Chandra is the man behind the Instagram Whisky Blog kyandkey. He holds regular corporate whisky tasting masterclass. Learn more at

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