Johnnie Walker Blue Label Voyager Commemorative Edition

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is not a whisky for every occasion. Whilst this may not be the case for the privileged, your average gentleman will consume Blue Label on more selective occasions in times of celebration or when looking to impress. If you’re the type of man that enjoys Blue Label on these occasions you will undoubtedly enjoy Johnnie Walker’s new limited edition Blue Label, The Voyager Commemorative Release.

In my opinion Blue Label has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Not only has it maintained it’s stellar reputation in a market of stiff competition, it’s also managed to come down in price and continued to add exciting new variations to appeal to the colossal market share it holds. The Voyager Commemorative Release adds another great whisky to the Blue Label lineup, this time with some smoke and a more intense Blue Label experience. This blend has been bottled at 48% paying homage to the bolder 19th century whiskies that were first exported to Australia by Alexander Walker in the 1860s. Blue Label aficionados will recognise the complexity of the blend they have come to adore but this time with a crackle of bonfire smoke that douses the palate on initial tasting. For those that enjoy their Islay single malts, this is a whisky you could easily sip and enjoy!

I’m a big fan of whisky’s that unite whisky lovers and I think this is one of those. It caters to all tastes; those that enjoy the world’s finest blended, those that enjoy a smooth and refined dram and those that prefer something with a little more peat than the normal Blue Label. Certainly worth considering if you’re looking for something a little more interesting and advanced than Blue Label.

Available from Dan Murphys.



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