John Varvatos Classic Fragrance

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John Varvatos Classic is a fragrance that embodies its name entirely. 

Released in 2004, John Varvatos Classic is an alluring scent with multiple complex layers that leaves the wearer feeling vibrant and rejuvenated.

John Varvatos Classic Fragrance

Inspired by the masculinity, luxury, and texture of the Varvatos fashion collection, the sophisticated fragrance features a medley of unique perfumery ingredients. Medjool Dates, Mediterranean Herbs, West Indian Tamarind Leaves, Coriander Seed Templar, Clary Sage Flower and Indian Ajowan, are layered with rich woodsy notes, leather and touch of Vanilla, expertly harmonised to deliver a lovely olfactory balance. 

Varvatos Classic exudes confidence, elegance and masculinity with the perfect touch of softness and sweetness to create a sense of intimacy. One that lends this fragrance to be more of an evening choice in my opinion, and a resounding favourite with the fairer sex. 

John Varvatos Classic is subtle, seductive and timeless. A fragrance that doesn’t enter the room before you, but intrigues those within it when you do. 

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John Varvatos Classic Fragrance


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