John Lobb Paris Bespoke 24k Gold Sole

The Bespoke team at John Lobb have released a very limited (and arrogant) edition of the iconic ‘William Lobb’ design. John Lobb pays tribute to the 1852 invention of the ‘gold digger boot’ with this hand-made welted shoe which has four buckles in 18k gold and a leather sole entirely covered with real 24k sheets. The gold surface was then lacquered three times to obtain the effect of near-transparency.

I’m hoping these 24k gold leaf soled Lobb’s are for a museum exhibition or glorified slippers to be worn exclusively whilst walking on Chincilla rugs because anything else is a senseless money wasting. Actually who am I kidding no one can argue the affirmative for gold leaf soles. As a generation of careless spend thrifts even I am flabbergasted by the man who spends his money on a thin gold leaf sole that will do nothing but stain the accelerator of his 288 GTO and rub off the very instant his foot graces the pavement. Apparently though, if you are interested in adding a little something extra to the John Lobb Paris’ bespoke offering (which starts at $3000), it can be done.







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