John Lobb Created The Ultimate Slipper

A friend of mine recently purchased a $3000 silk dressing gown and it’s so lavish and ridiculous that it manages to break out of the novelty realm to be appreciated for exactly what it is, the nicest (and most unnecessary) piece of clothing I’ve ever seen. These John Lobb Knighton slippers conjure similar feelings.

No stranger to the pages of TVG, John Lobb are world renowned for their bespoke and ready to wear shoes which you can find in Sydney and Melbourne at Double Monk. In recent years they’ve expanded their portfolio to include sneakers, boat shoes and, as you can see here, slippers.

John Lobb Knighton Black

John Lobb Knighton Black

These John Lobb Knighton examples are produced in an array of sumptuous Cashmere Suede colours, with reverse Suede detailing. The carefully crafted new last and padded sole has been designed to make this slipper the ultimate travelling & lounging companion. Not only does each individual slipper arrive with a customised bag, the pair also folds away into a neat travel pouch for ultimate portability.

John Lobb Knighton Black

John Lobb Knighton Black

Sure they’re US$654 a pair and only made to order, but when you’ve got your feet up in Cathay Pacific’s First Class seat, there’s really only one pair of shoes worth wearing.

You can enquire via the John Lobb website.


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