John John Florence’s New Movie Is Outstanding

Stunning visuals, tantalising tube riding and epic aerials made for a glorious premiere of the new John John Florence film View From A Blue Moon in Collaroy last night.


Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny, View From A Blue Moon is the first surf film shot entirely in 4K – showing the sport of surfing as its never been captured. Stepbrother’s own John C. Reilly introduces the film, and a young John Florence growing up on the beaches of Hawaii’s North Shore, accompanied by sweeping visuals of wanderlust landscapes. 

View From a Blue Moon (1 of 3)

Whilst View From A Blue Moon is first and foremost a surf feature, it’s a film with universal appeal, combining brilliant cinematography and exciting editing, with scenes that would dazzle any viewer, surfer or not. The film shows clips from John’s childhood , his friends, his passions and his many abilities including flying, earning his pilot’s licence before he could drive. It then follows John to his favourite surfing locations with his closest friends, highlighting John’s dynamic surfing ability, and the amazing locations they visit including Australia, Africa, Brazil and of course John’s own backyard, the North Shore.

View From a Blue Moon (2 of 3)

If the visuals weren’t enough to blow us away, the surfing was as innovative and awe-inspiring as the TVG team have ever seen. John’s versatility as a surfer, his ability to produce graceful sweeping turns, incredible airs and master tube riding is nothing short of jaw dropping. Some of the manoeuvres he lands in the film were enough to produce (rightly deserved) cheers from the crowd. It’s quite clear that even as a 23 year old chap, he’s one of the most acclaimed and progressive athletes in the world.


View From A Blue Moon is released on December 1, 2015. You can pre-order it here and watch the trailer below.


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