Joe Button x The Versatile Gent – Made-to-measure

Late last year The Versatile Gent got together with online  custom shirt brand Joe Button to design two unique shirts as part of a small collaboration to help gain an insight into the business. Joe Button was started by two young professionals who left their respective finance jobs after a visit to Hong Kong sparked an idea, or a frustration, that quality, custom shirts could be made for a fraction of the current market price.

Modi Song and Melissa Lee (Founders) realised that they could offer customers the same premium quality dress shirts without large designer markups, but with the added advantages of customisation and exact made-to-measure fit. The tailors are based in Hong Kong and have over 50 years of experience in bespoke shirt-making.

Months of web development resulted in an extremely functional and user-friendly website that mimics the early nikeID type sites, where fabrics and trims are updated in real time to give the consumer a very real represenation of the shirt they are designing.

TVG had a more hands on approach while picking out the fabrics for the shirts below, we visited the Sydney CBD office and flicked through literally hundreds of fabrics, collar and cuff options before deciding on a final style. Joe Button allows people to explore their creative side, and despite the odd ‘bombshell’ shirt combination, Modi convinces us that the majority of the shirts they produce are fantastically well put together by their customers.

For the shirts below we kept it fairly simple:  Light yellow shirt with dark blue detailing on the cuff, collar and inner placket, and a light blue shirt with a beautiful patterned collar, cuff and inner placket detail. Melissa measured me on site and a few weeks later the shirts arrived. The whole process was seamless, excuse the pun – and the quality/fit is outstanding for a $99 – $120 shirt.

Joe Button has made custom menswear clothing available to the masses,  no longer is made-to-measure tailoring a luxury for the affluent.

Thanks to Modi and Melissa for helping TVG create their first made-to-measure shirt!

Photos by: Paul O’Brien

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