Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

So you call yourself a whisky man?

No self-confessed whisky man should be without this vital bit of kit – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. Jim is like the James Halliday of whisky, whatever he says is gospel and the book itself is his religious vade mecum. I decided to get in contact with the folks at Dram Good Books to see if they’d send me out a copy so I could write about it. It arrived yesterday, personally signed by Jim and to say it’s a wealth of information is a drastic understatement. The 2012 edition is the most comprehensive whisky guide ever written and Jim’s attention to detail when describing each whisky is quite remarkable.

The best thing about this book is that it’s not just the most formidable reference point for whisky in the world, its a dram good read! If you wanted to you could read this from front to back like a novel, not only would you be very informed you’d be gently entertained as Jim delivers eloquent praise to 1000’s of whiskies and politely disregards the imitators. You’ll read lines like:“If you spent a dozen years of your life trying to create a whisky with absolutely perfect weight on delivery, you’d still fail to match the perfect genius of this”. At 12.99 pounds it’s a must have. There are so many great descriptions; it’s almost worth the whole price just to read what Jim has to say about The Last Drop – I’ll leave that for you to read. Ideally, you’d have two copies – one for the coffee table and one for the loo granting hours of in-depth alone time!

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James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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