Jennifer Hawkins’ Waterfront Mansion Is A Sydney Beauty

Jennifer Hawkins has graced our screens since the early 2000’s with her beauty and elegance. That beauty and elegance have been transferred to her new Sydney waterfront home.

The mansion is a hidden getaway from a busy life, with both husband Jake and Jennifer insisting on a connection to nature throughout the building process. This customisation was easily achievable as Jake Wall’s own company, J Group Projects, spearheaded the building and design.

Jennifer Hawkins House

Clear whites and light cobblestones accentuate most of the outside areas, and the home sits nicely among the local eucalyptus and lapping water of the beach below. A more primitive approach to decoration and art is a fine addition to an already fine home.

Jennifer Hawkins House

Best seen at sunlight, timber trims along the outside of the home add an element of symmetry and modernity. And of course, the privacy necessary for celebrity.

Jennifer Hawkins House

Like many waterfront homes, the Hawkins mansion thrives on open areas – letting in those cool summer breezes and welcoming a warm winter sun. Perfect for lounging around and staring into distance.

Jennifer Hawkins House

Sharp edges and angles of the house allow the surrounding nature to flourish. As one approaches the pool area, light accents of blue and brown begin to scatter the furniture – a gentle reminder of the home’s affiliation with water.

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No waterfront home would be complete without the generous addition of a few palm trees. The same is true here. Jennifer Hawkins and Jake Wall have certainly achieved their goal of escaping the hustle and bustle of city life in favour of the calming waterfront real estate Sydney can offer.

Jennifer Hawkins House

An excellent view portraying the stair-like design of the house, thanks to the stark angling of the design and bright light of the sun – a gorgeous combination.

Jennifer Hawkins House

Finally, the main attraction. A superb view of the neighbour’s toys plus a seemingly endless stretch of Australia’s finest nature. Water, mountains, bush, and sky.

For more projects like Jennifer Hawkins and Jake Wall’s from J Group Projects visit their website.


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