Jawbone – Mini Jambox

You may have seen the original Jawbone Jambox, or even it’s brother the Big Jambox, but yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting to Jorgen Nordin, Head of International Partner and Product Development at Jawbone, about the brand new Mini Jambox. Jawbone is a leader and innovator in smart audio devices and wearable technology, they believe in ‘creating products that make daily experiences better.’

The original Jambox was released in 2010 and won a myriad of design awards as well as becoming the number 1 selling portable audio device across the world. Three years down the track the Mini Jambox shows a huge leap in design and technology, offering better sound quality in a smaller, lighter and more functional unit. The Mini Jambox is crafted from a single piece of extruded aluminium that makes up both the framework and the face of the speaker, simultaneously producing its audio and its iconic industrial design. As you hold the Mini Jambox in your hand and turn it on, the sound and vibrations show this unit is special and will please even the most critical of audio enthusiasts.

Beyond the physical unit is the software that comes with it. Available as both an Andriod and iOS app download the software lets you completely customise the Mini Jambox and curate playlists you right from your smartphone or mobile device. It has the ability to aggregate playlists across all your favourite music players – iTunes, Rdio, Spotify etc. You can also customise the voice prompts (think sexy female, mobster, and a range of languages) as well as change the functionality of the buttons, enabling the device to be a portable speakerphone – great for conference calls or talking with large groups.

The portable speaker market is huge and very congested, however Jawbone seems to be leading the charge with the release of this new speaker. Unlike other brands, Jambox has focused on the challenge of size vs sound quality. You only have to have this speaker in front of you to understand the incredible design and technology that goes into its sound performance. Jorgen went through a number of music styles and movie scenes to demonstrate the depth of sound and versatility of the product, and within a few minutes I was hooked. At just 154mm long and 58mm wide it’s by no means a hassle to carry around, making it perfect for travelling, sitting on the desk, or using at home. The Mini Jambox rolls out today across Australia and is $229.99 (Available at Apple Stores and selectem Telstra and Optus Stores).

To accompany the launch of the new Mini Jambox, Jawbone curated this amazing campaign with renowned fashion photographer Jurgen Teller – amazing way to sell in an audio product!

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