James Boag Epicurean Beers Designed for Fine Dining

Earlier this month I was invited to Aria in Sydney to preview an exciting new collaboration between James Boag and Matt Moran – James Boag Epicurean.

The project combines the minds of Matt Moran, Sommelier Matt Dunne and James Boag’s head brewer Simon Hanley to produce a limited edition and Australian-first beer offering, designed specifically to accompany fine dining.

James Boag Epicurean Simon and Matt

The new James Boag Epicurean range features two single batch creations, a floral and refreshing WHITE and a more robust and complex RED. We got the chance to sit down with Matt before our meal and discuss the inspiration and the process behind James Boag Epicurean, which involved years of intensive hop selection, and tasting, alongside Simon Hanley.

James Boag Epicurean

Complementing the fine dining concept and the premium experience, the James Boag Epicurean range is served in a wine glass to allow for swirling, which in turn releases the aroma of the beers immediately.

James Boag Epicurean

For lunch, I opted for Matt’s specifically designed menu, a delicate Kingfish paired with the WHITE, that acted as a crisp palate cleanser in between bites.

James Boag Epicurean White

The pick of the two for me, however, was the RED, paired with a smoked duck breast. The darker RED possessed more character with and was far more intriguing when paired with the duck – a delicious beer to savour on its own or accompanied by food.

James Boag Epicurean Red

The James Boag Epicurean project highlights an exciting future for brewers in Australia, following in the footsteps of winemakers and increasing the opportunity for consumption.

The James Boag Epicurean range will be available for a limited-time-only in a selection of fine-dining restaurants and venues (yet to be released) across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Tasmania from April – June. For more info head to the James Boag website.

James Boag Epicurean Kingfish


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