Jaguar’s Ian Callum is Top Gear’s Man of the Year 2012

We’ve just been given the heads up that Jaguar’s Director of Designer Ian Callum has been awarded Top Gear’s man of the year for 2012 and there’s no wonder because Jaguar haven’t put a foot wrong since they launched the 2005 XK under the astute eye of Callum. Callum has a rich history in the automobile industry having worked on high profile cars for Aston Martin, Ford, Volvo, Nissan (R390 Le Mans) and ultimately Jaguar.

2012 XJ Sport

2011 XKR

Jaguar have insisted on releasing beautiful cars again and again since the launch of the XK and people have really begun to notice. Top Gear quotes,
“The genius of Jaguar Director of Design Ian Callum isn’t just in the classically exact proportions of his cars; it’s in the way they continue to intrigue and inspire long after the initial novelty has worn off”. Like a true gentleman Callum attributed the award to the fine design team behind him.

When the highly awaited XKR finally hit the streets of Australia, Jaguar turned some serious heads and gained some much earned respect. The release of the XJ which contained the ‘spirit of the XK’ only cemented Jaguar’s ability to produce excellent automobiles with Clarkson describing it as the best luxury sedan in the world. Now with the launch of the stunning new F-Type, Jaguar have settled themselves in to a new era of innovation and performance and offer some serious contenders in the luxury car market.

2012 F-Type

Feature Image: Jalopnik


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