Jacob’s Creek Who Makes You Dinner with Novak Djokovic

Last week we headed to Melbourne for the unveiling of Jacob’s Creek new ‘Who Makes You’ series featuring Novak Djokovic. The four-part content series sees Novak talk candidly about the people that have contributed to his astounding success and made him who he is today.

Jacobs Creek Made By Dinner

In the lead up to the event, the attendees, including myself, were asked the very same question and in celebration of that person, Jacobs Creek would recognise their contribution with a case of wine to say thank you. I chose my mother, of course. Weeks later she called me distressed saying someone from Jacob’s Creek had been calling and she was unsure why. I quickly came to learn that they wanted to fly my mother to Melbourne to attend the event as a surprise but they hadn’t been able to get a hold of her. 24 hours later and a couple of calls with Jacobs Creek Mum was locked in, minus the element of surprise.

Jacobs Creek Made By Dinner

The day before the event we got unfortunate news that Novak was no longer able to attend – a real shame considering the intimate nature of the evening. Despite the loss of Novak, the event was a resounding success, held in the Pinterest-worthy Glass Haus Nursery in Richmond.

Jacobs Creek Made By Dinner

We were treated to a tasting of the Jacob’s Creek range, run by head winemaker Ben Bryant before viewing the Who Makes You videos over a 9-course meal which featured a dish from Novak’s restaurant and others designed by friends of Jacobs Creek.

Jacobs Creek Made By Dinner

The series is inspired by the concept of it’s not what makes you, it’s who and the latest series explores the greatest influences in Novak’s life: the people around him. The films feature his brother Marko, wife Jelena and pays tribute to some of his most significant opponents, all who’ve played a vital part in his success.

Derek Oliver, Global Marketing Director of Jacob’s Creek said, “Jacob’s Creek celebrates authenticity, a quality that Novak Djokovic embodies completely. The new films have allowed us to capture some extraordinary, honest moments between Novak and the people who have influenced him, giving us an insight into what makes Novak who he is. We hope that this campaign inspires people to consider the significance of family, friends and encourages them to come together with the people that are most important to them.”

 You can check out the collection of Novak Djokovic videos at Jacob’s Creek.

Jacobs Creek Made By Dinner


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