Jack Daniel’s Swarm Series – The Red Hummingbird

For the final roof top gem of the Jack Daniel’s Honey Swarm Series we again venture to Victoria and an intimate establishment that goes by the name of, The Red Hummingbird.

The Red Hummingbird Rooftop is undoubtedly amongst the most elite & sought after rooftops in the city of Melbourne. Charismatic & open, it’s an outdoor haven that whisks you away from the chaotic urban surrounds. Exposed& breezy in summer, cosy, intimate & liberating in winter, the Rooftop is the perfect outdoor aviary for you and your friends to swarm to.

For the best part of a decade, the Red Hummingbird has made a name for itself as an exclusive cocktail lounge for those in the ‘know’. Blink and you’ll miss the disguised entry door, but if you see the small birdcage hanging out front you’re at the right place. Make your way upstairs and you’ll find the rooftop bar, no surprises there I guess. Swinging wicker chairs are snapped up quickly by small groups of people and plush cushions and lanterns rim the space, making it a great spot to enjoy a balmy Melbourne evening with a group of friends. In winter the heaters come out, a nice acknowledgement of Melbourne’s cooler months, which ensures this place is full of life 12 months of the year.


We managed to touch base with owner Sharan Sagoo to understand a little more about the venue.

How did the idea for The Red Hummingbird come about?

“The Hummingbird” as it is referred to by her loyal patrons came about at a time when the rooftop bar trend was emerging in the States.  The founder Kevin Singh was looking at opening a cocktail bar that was forward in trends in not only beverage offer but also in aesthetics.  The Red Hummingbird opened in Melbourne at a time when basements bars were on trends.  We are proud to herald that the Hummingbird set the trend for other CBD for rooftop bars to follow.

What is it about rooftop bars that people swarm to? 

Melbournites love to socialise and love the outdoors.  CBD rooftops are a great way to watch the bustling city below and break free from the office.  There’s something about rooftops that makes people happy and relaxed.

What’s the vibe like at The Red Hummingbird rooftop?  

The Hummingbird is undoubtedly a Melbourne institution.  The vibe on the rooftop is unpretentious and relaxed.  So many Melbournites have fond memories of our rooftop.  In summer it is open and bustling and in winter it is cozy and quaint.

Who is coming to drink there? 

The Hummingbird appeals to its loyal patrons but also to interstate hipsters that that have heard about her – It is quite surprising that given her hidden façade, many people are still discovering us by chance.

What’s The Red Hummingbird got that no one else does? 

She can claim the title of rooftop pioneer; she has been standing for almost ten years so she holds many secrets and nostalgic memoirs.


As always, here’s a few TVG tips and hints for having the best time you possibly can with you and your swarm.

When to go: There’s no wrong time to go to The Red Hummingbird. If you’re looking to explore the cocktail in detail, head along midweek, grab the bartender and let them guide you through the night. The weekends pack out a bit, but the vibe is always mellow.

What to wear: You’re in one of Melbourne’s more special rooftop venues, so dress like you’re a bit special. We’d be throwing on our go-to khaki trousers; denim spread colour shirt and a lightweight unstructured blazer.

Who to bring: Perfect first or hundredth date spot. Also a good spot to take an out-of-towner or small group of business acquaintances – they’ll think you’re super cool and on top of the ‘latest’ places to go.

How much to bring: Don’t sell yourself short here, bring a handful of cash and don’t let money restrict the flavours of the night. $200 will cover you and someone special for the night.

Over the last month we’ve featured four unique rooftop bars across Sydney and Melbourne, so as the final month of day-light-saving draws to a close, what better time to a draw a crowd and enjoy a Jack Daniel’s Honey in a sky high establishment.

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