IXION Windowless Private Jet

In what has commonly been referred to as the worst James Bond film ever made, John Cleese playing Q unveils the Aston Martin Vanish, a car that uses “adaptive camouflage – tiny cameras on all sides project the image they see onto a light emitting polymer skin on the outside”. 


That movie was made twelve years ago and today it seems a whole lot more achievable with the IXION Windowless Private Jet utilising similar technology to make the aircraft’s fuselage appear transparent. The plane’s interior, created by Technicon Design, uses external cameras to capture a 360-degree panoramic view of the exterior, which is adjusted for perspective and displayed on the cabin’s walls.

In addition to this the displays can also be used for watching films and video conferencing and can transmit amazing landscapes like the lights of Las Vegas and Space. Check out the video below, it’s pretty awesome.

IXION Windowless Jet Concept from Technicon Design – France on Vimeo.


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