IWC Portuguese Hand-Wound Tourbillon

Since we shot our editorial shoot and accompanying video we’ve had a lot of enquiries about ‘the watch’ so in an attempt to shed a little more light on the mysterious gold watch I decided to throw this quick post together with some original shots we took on set that day. The watch in question is none other than the Portuguese Hand-Wound Tourbillon F. A. Jones Edition in 18-carat red gold limited to 500 pieces worldwide. We got an email last week from a reader who wanted to know the exact model so he could ‘acquire’ it and whilst I admire his eagerness and taste this watch with it’s limited production run, high collectable status and $75,000 price tag is far more than a mere consideration.


The word Tourbillon translates to ‘Whirlwind’ and on the F. A. Jones edition it revolves on its axis at “9 o’clock” on the dial. There’s no doubt that the sight and sound of the cantilever-mounted minute tourbillon revolving around its own axis attracts the curious eyes of any man, watch enthusiast or not. It honestly is a magical thing to observe. The watch pays tribute to IWC’s founder Mr F. A. Jones and continues the history of the company when you turn it over and peer through the crystal clear sapphire case back to view the 98900 Calibre movement, one which belongs to a family of calibres first designed in the 1930s. The modern calibre has since undergone stringent engineering and development and has been intrinsically decorated to make the movement as beautiful as it is capable.

REF. IW544705 is a watch that captures the admiration of all who see it, women appreciate it for its jewel like qualities, men are in awe of its¬†mechanical¬†ability. It’s not often you get to strap a watch of such distinction to your wrist, it’s a little nerve racking actually. One thing is for certain, when you see a watch like this in the flesh and you admire it as you sit on the couch with a glass of red watching le Tour de France, you realise why people are so passionate and why they spend the money they do on watches like this – they are, in one word, amazing.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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