iPhone 7 Plus to Feature ‘DSLR Performance’ Camera

Despite camera phones getting better and better in recent years, the photographers among us have continued to argue the case for point and shoot, and DSLR cameras – there’s really no substitute. Not at the moment anyway.

PetaPixel posted a very interesting article over the weekend about an AppleInsider report from one of the world’s top Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI Securities, saying that the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 Plus may debut a new dual camera module with ‘DSLR-esque’ performance. The technology required to complete the task will come from Apple’s 2015 acquisition of Israeli startup LinX, who specialise in developing multi-camera modules. Both cameras on the rear of the iPhone 7 Plus will boast 12-megapixel sensors, Kuo says, but one camera will be dedicated to a wide-angle view, while the other will have a 2-3x telephoto lens. Combining the views and capabilities of the two cameras could provide benefits for things like resolution, zoom, and depth of field. Improved low light performance and reduced noise are also rumoured to feature, as will a marketing campaign directed at serious photographers.

While this remains speculation until confirmed by Apple, a phone with such capabilities could have a notable impact on point and shoot cameras. DSLR however? I’ll remain a sceptic until proved otherwise.

Check out the full article on PetaPixel or read more about the technology at Cult Of Mac.
Feature Image from 9 to 5 Mac.


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