Inspiration from Put This On and Broke and Bespoke

In our recent Wardrobe Essentials article we tried to list items that weren’t outrageously expensive so we could cater to all of our readers. We have a very strong young male audience interested in menswear and understandably some of the examples we used were still slightly out of reach for those studying and in junior level positions in the workplace. That being said I thought it was a good time to introduce two of my favourite Tumblrs, Put This On and Broke and Bespoke.

Tumblr is a great place to source inspiration across many categories, I try to spend at least half an hour on it everyday. Essentially Tumblr has created the hashtag menswear trend. We are consuming styles the same day they are photographed at Pitti or on the streets at Milan Fashion week. Whilst a lot of that consists of the Italian heavy weights cutting around in $1150 bespoke Ambrosi trousers and $260 Viola Milano cashmere ties there is a lot on offer for the man who’s got a keen eye for a bargain.

Let’s face it, there are so many other life enriching things to spend your money on, socialising and travel are two that spring to mind instantly. Sure if you’ve got the money, indulge – you’ll have that pair of Edward Green’s for the rest of your life. There is however another way, and the gents behind PTO and Broke and Bespoke shed some light on what you can get for money that won’t make your bank account look like a deflated balloon that’s been left in the sun.

Put This On is a site about ‘Dressing like a grown-up’ and it’s an invaluable source of information across all scopes of menswear, among other bits and pieces. Where they shine is in the ability to help you shop quality menswear on a budget, with constant posts about sales and deals from some of the world’s top brands (this is where I was alerted to the Drake’s sale for instance). Without a doubt their most useful posts are their weekly ‘Ebay Roundups’ which is curated by the team at PTO and picks out the best finds on Ebay for your consideration. For $5 a month I also subscribe to ‘The Inside Track’ which is a members only addition to the roundup with extra products and other added value. If you’d like to dig up other great items not listed PTO also have customised eBay search links making it easily to find ‘high-end suits, good suits, high-quality shirts and fine footwear’. Cannot recommend this enough, such a quality operation.

Put This On Ebay Roundup

Screenshot from Put This On.

Broke and Bespoke is another Tumblr I love to flick through now and then. I realise ‘thrifting’ items is a lot cheaper and easier in the US but I just can’t believe some of the stuff Jason picks up for next to nothing (and he always looks good!). Jason mixes his thrifted acquisitions up with other achievable items he’s sourced from sales in store and around the web. Along with photographing thrifted outfits and listing the often unbelievable price he spent on each item, he also does solid reviews of new products. “I like to think I provided a different kind of aspirational model for some; one where your outfit could be had for $30 instead of $3000” he says. Jason’s blog has enlightened readers to accessible brands and redefined the concept of value for money. If that’s not enough inspiration for you then I just don’t know what is!


Jason in a favourite outfit.


Jacket: J. Crew Field Jacket, thrifted $12

Sport Coat: PRL by Corneliani, thrifted $17

Shirt: Gitman Bros. OCBD, thrifted $5

Tie: Robert Talbott, thrifted $2

Scarf: Johnston’s of Elgin cashmere tartan, STP $35

All menswear images from Broke and Bespoke.


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