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The Influence Authority is a content series aiming to give a voice to the overlooked and undervalued voices of men’s style in Australia. Introducing Remy Ghougassian.

Our latest member of The Influence Authority, Remy Ghougassian, recently appeared in our first ‘In The Know’ video, so I thought what better time to ask him a few questions about his operation, his journey and his personal perception of men’s style in Australia.

Remy Ghougassian

1. What is your game and how long have you been doing it?

I guess my ‘game’ is made to measure clothing. I’ve been fitting for close to 9 years.  Remy as a brand has been going for just over two years.

2. You formerly worked as the head fitter for P Johnson, moving with the brand to New York. What prompted you to go out on your own with REMY? 

There were a number of things that were the catalyst for leaving. The biggest, however, was creative freedom. I’d always had the urge to create and develop new products myself. Something I wasn’t able to do with my previous job.

3. How has the consumer evolved since you started in the industry? 

Since the late 2000’s consumers buying made to measure clothing in Australia have become a lot more educated. When the first few operators came onto the scene, they used a lot of buzzwords in their marketing like Bespoke which had little or no real meaning to their consumers or target audience.  

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Now with the proliferation of made to measure suiting business a lot more information is out there that allows them to differentiate between whats real and what’s not. The days of leading clients to believe that there’s a little coat maker out the back of the showroom or in a basement somewhere making their suit is gone. As it should be.

3. Your suiting is made in China. Why?

I’d been indirectly working with the factory for six years previously so it made sense that I would carry on the collaboration. The factory I work with is the most technologically advanced workshop in the world for made to measure suiting, so there was no other choice. For what I do, China is the best in the world. 

Remy Ghougassian

4. Do you think buyers are blinded by the origin of a garment and is origin simply an excuse to charge the consumer more?

Buyers have always been, and perhaps always will be, influenced to buy something based on where its made. 

Unfortunately, China & other countries of that matter have been/are known to produce some pretty low-quality products, but what a lot of people don’t understand is that there are levels of ‘make’ with any product. China holds a stigma that I don’t think will exist in 10-20 years.  But for now, it is still there which is a real shame.

On the other hand, ‘Made In Italy’, like Champagne is a brand unto itself. A fact made particularly evident by brands in Australia who have used it in an unscrupulous manner to give their products an added perception of value to justify charging consumers more. 

5.  What values do you place the most importance on when conducting your operation. 

I don’t think that I have a set of values per say, though I try to do as best I possibly can with every single client in the most transparent and honest way possible.

At the end of the day, my business relies on my relationships.

6. What tips can you give to readers who are exposed to endless amounts of content daily when looking for inspiration?

Get off Instagram. Take inspiration from your surrounds, whether it be architecture, people on the street, or colours in nature. Experiment as much as possible, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next.

Staged outfits by people on social media platforms with endless wardrobes is unachievable and in most cases unwearable.  

Most of my inspiration for colour comes from art. Most of my silhouette inspiration comes from old garments that I find or ones that I see in old images.

8. Any tips or takeaways you can share. 

Think big picture. Dress the outfit, rather than the item and think more holistically. Don’t follow whats on the internet, develop your own style. 

Remy Ghougassian offers made-to-measure clothing by appointment, visit his website here.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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