In The Know: Ready To Wear Suiting

In a recent post, I listed a handful of cheap suiting you should avoid cheap suiting you should avoid, and while I was stoked to get it off my back, I felt I should follow it up with something more constructive and decided what better way to start our new video series than to lead out with a useful piece about Ready To Wear suiting.

IN THE KNOW Ready to wear Suiting

The new video series ‘In The Know’ aims to provide valuable insight into a vast array of topics you might encounter on any given day. Some will be useful, some will be niche and some will be just for fun. Where exactly it will lead I can’t be sure!

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Kicking the series off I enlisted friend and fitter, Mr Remy Ghougassian of Sydney suiting outfit REMY. Responsible for clothing thousands of Australian men in P Johnson garments, Remy knows a thing or two about fit, so I popped over to his showroom to have a chat about what you should know, and look for when purchasing a suit off the rack.

Check out what Remy has to say about his journey, garment origin and developing your own style in his Influence Authority interview.

Enjoy the clip. Music by Stan Forebee.


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