Illegal Immigrants Found In Trunks Of Brand New Maseratis

Well this has got to be the strangest headline I’ve seen for a while! Illegal immigrants, apparently from Vietnam, were discovered in the trunks of 10 brand new Maserati automobiles in Surrey UK over the weekend. Nine of them were sent to UK Visa and Immigration centre in Dover, Kent while a juvenile was taken to a custody centre to await assistance from the social services.


According to a sources when the transporter turned up to the dealership, the staff went out to help the driver unload the vehicles when they heard noises. One of the car boots opened and a man inside took off. The staff quickly held the rest of the boots shut while they waited for police to arrive at the scene. The cars suffered considerable damage, most were pre sold. How and why these people came to be inside the trunks is currently unknown. Fascinating.


Source: TSK


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