The HyperChiller: Ice Cold Beverages in 60 Seconds

Introducing the HyperChiller, eradicating one of Summer’s most pressing issues – drink temperature.

The HyperChiller is a small plastic and stainless vessel that lives in your freezer ready for any beverage you need chilled. Originally designed by an iced coffee lover, who tried making ice coffee at home with cold brew and pour over ice recipes, the HyperChiller was designed to chill hot coffee in just 60 secs, by pouring the coffee directly into a frozenĀ stainless steel cooling chamber.

Having been designed specifically for coffee the unit has no issues chilling water, wine or spirits that you purchase at room temperature, allowing you to look past what’s on offer in the fridge at the local bottle shop.

It can hold approximately 350ml of liquid, which equates to two good sized glasses of wine, 11.6 shots or a few serious drams of whisky.

Check it out here.



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