Hublot Atelier Brazil Edition for Added Peace of Mind

Two years ago Hublot announced their Atelier, a watch given to customers whilst their timepieces were being repaired or serviced. For the 2014 World Cup they released a special Hublot Atelier Brazil Edition for added peace of mind on the streets of Rio.


The original Atelier was a quartz watch made from Hublot’s trademark composite material and came on a rubber strap – gaining notoriety in the industry with the words ‘Not For Sale’ stamped on the dial. It was created as a customer service exercise to alleviate the stress and dissatisfaction felt by customers who faced lengthy waiting times on serviced watches. Hublot wanted their customers to retain their connection with the brand even though their pride and joy wasn’t on their wrist.


With the brand on board as the official timekeepers at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and in wake of the release of a number of special edition timepieces, Hublot recognised that perhaps not everyone would be comfortable cruising the streets of Rio in their solid carbon or gold watches – thus the need for an Atelier Brazil Edition. The Hublot Atelier Brazil Edition is the same quartz watch as the original Atelier but features with the World Cup Trophy on the dial and a Brazil themed strap.

We’re not usually ones to condone the wearing of any quartz watches but this is a great marketing exercise by Hublot and something that has crossed the mind of every watch owner who has strolled through a questionable neighbourhood with their favourite timepiece on.

Photo by @marcotedeschi on Instagram

Photo by @marcotedeschi on Instagram

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