How to Watch the English Premier League with Optus

We reported earlier in the year about Optus buying the rights to the Premier League and what it would mean for fans in Australia. We decided to do some research and shed some light on how to watch the English Premier League with Optus. Get ready to be disappointed.

Only Optus customers will be able to live stream the EPL this upcoming season, a current Optus postpaid mobile or broadband plan being needed to do so. For existing Optus members who pay more than $85 per month, an EPL subscription is free for the first year. Existing customers who pay less that $85 a month will see an additional $15 per month added onto their bill. Check to see if you’re eligible for a free year here. This allows you to sign up for an Optus Sports account, giving you the ability to stream live games on your phone, tablet or computer data free.

Obviously, you don’t want to watch it on your phone. To get the EPL on the big screen at home you will need the Yes TV by Fetch mini set top box, an additional $5 a month.  Alternatively, if you have Apple TV (4th gen only) you can download the Premier League app.  If you have an older version of Apple TV, you can still watch via AirPlay. Apple TV 4th gen will set you back $269 for the 32gb model. An HDMI cord straight into the computer will also get the job done, hopefully, your computer has an HDMI input.  There is also an option to get a satellite installed on your roof but even the consideration of this is outrageous so I refuse to discuss it further.

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If you are not an existing Optus customer you will have to sign up for an Optus mobile or broadband/NBN plan. There are SIM-only, 12-month postpaid mobile plans ranging from $30 to $50 a month, minimum total cost over 12 months being $360 for the cheapest plan. You also have the option of a month to month plan, which ranges from $35 to $60 a month. Adding the $15 monthly subscription on the cheapest plan and you are paying $45 a month, add the set top box and now it’s $50 a month.

To be eligible for a free year you will need to get a plan with a phone included. For example, a 16gb iPhone 6s on a $90 a month plan will get you a year free, but this is a 24-month contract, only 7GB of data, and a minimum total cost of over $2000. Finally, the My Entertainment broadband plan, which is $110 per month for unlimited data and unlimited standard local, national and national calls to mobile.

Basically, this is a complete hassle for non-existing Optus customers, changing phone or internet provider is always a drawn out process and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemies. Some daring individuals who are making the switch to Optus are already facing problems. Long periods of time to port numbers, then having issues signing up for their Premier League Optus Sports account, getting this message “We’ve encountered a problem, and we’re working to rectify it as soon as possible. Please try again later.”

Optus have tried to lure people in by offering a free year to those who sign up before July 31st, meaning plans priced less than $85 a month can also get a year for free.


I really don’t know how any EPL fan could be happy with this situation, including existing Optus customers like myself. And what does it mean for the pubs of Australia? It’s possible the venue you watch games at won’t bother paying both Optus and Foxtel. NSW venues may not have this issue, not actually being open late enough to see any fixtures get played. In the end, it’s just another expense to deal with. This is the type of change people won’t embrace.

Up the Gooners!


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