How to build the perfect Wolfpack

Yes, it is one word. A concept so powerful that, like any actual wolfpack,  it should not be divided or hyphenated into pieces.

“…four of us wolves, running around the desert together, in Las Vegas, looking for strippers and cocaine”

– Alan, The Hangover


The Hangover might have brought the concept to light and named it, but wolfpacks have been around long before then. The Warriors, The Goonies, and The Channel 4 News Team  are all example of legendary wolfpacks capable of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. The Warriors bopped their way across NYC to get home, The Goonies discovered a pirate cave thought to be a myth, defeated the Fratellis and Ron Burgundy lead his Channel 4 News anchors to conquer prime time.


I bet after you watched these movies, you thought, “Wow, I wish I had a wolfpack”.

Well, here’s how:

Diversity is desired – Having things in common is a good start, but it isn’t even necessary. Sometimes you’ll be the complete opposite to somebody and still be able to share a wolfpack with them. I encourage having differences. It keeps things interesting and makes the stories you tell even better.

Keep numbers odd – decisions will never be a deadlock. If you cannot break the even numbers, bring in your go-to wildcard (see below)


Leadership is determined by actions, not by words – True leaders never ask to be leaders, or nominate themselves. A wolfpack doesn’t sit down and deliberate about who should be the leader. somebody will naturally fall into it and others will follow. Just go with it.

A face, a pair of fists, a brain and a silver tongue – the core of any successful wolfpack/gang/organisation. However, be careful of those rare people that have all four. You will end up feeling more like his sidekicks than a wolfpack.

And finally…

The Wildcard – Alan from The Hangover, Sloth from The Goonies and Brick (or Veronica) from Anchorman. They can make or break your wolfpack, but every successful wolfpack needs one; even if it’s a fill-in-for-the-night wildcard.


Yours sincerely,

Ardi Astarto

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