Grow’er or a Show’er? 5 Houseplants for Your Indoor Jungle

We get it, houseplant plants aren’t the most exciting thing to be ‘pining’ over during that downtime at your desk. They’re slow, needy and prone to malting. All the things us blokes dislike. Heck, you may even return home one day to find yourself the prime and only suspect in a triple homicide. Victims? Rosemary, Lily and Rue. Plants can be difficult to choose and harder to maintain, however, there are a number of indoor beauties that can turn even the driest of living areas into a vibrant indoor jungle. Check out our picks of these easy to maintain masculine houseplants that are both grow’ers and show’ers.

1. Ficus elastic aka Rubber PlantHouseplants

The rubber plant boasts a powerfully deep green with the occasional tinge of purple that compliments most furniture colours and styles. Enjoy its adaptable size where it will grow to suit the size of the room and your positioning to light. The Rubber Plant requires moderate potting, indirect sunlight but generally very little upkeep. Drop this next to the couch or TV unit for a fantastic compliment to your living area.


2Houseplants. Sansevieria trifasciata aka Mother In Law’s Tongue

The plant that you’ve been thinking about, but you know you shouldn’t be. The Mother In Law’s Tongue is a striking sword-shaped plant native to West Africa. Among the toughest of all plants to kill, the MILT can withstand virtually any lighting condition. A popular addition to a dining area or bedroom, mine sits on a short stand guarding the Hi-Fi.


3. Senecio Rowleyanus aka String-of-PearlsHouseplants

Belonging to the family of succulent vines known as Asteraceae, the String-Of-Pearls makes for an impressive hanging feature perfect for a courtyard or undercover area. As you can guess, the SOP takes the shape of strands of beads generally draping down a fixture pot, and are a ‘plug-and-play’ piece requiring very little attention.


4. Aloe vera aka AloeHouseplants

Famed for its inclusion in a number of cosmetic products and for its healing properties, aloe (also from the succulent family) is one of the easiest houseplants to grow, and one of the most aesthetically pleasing, perfect on a desk or bedside table. Add to this it’s natural air-clearing abilities and the aloe should be a staple in any blokes pad.


5. Beaucarnea recurvate aka Ponytail Palm

The Prius of the plant world, give the Ponytail Palm a feed and it just keeps on going. The slowgrowing Mexico native only requires a slap of natural sunlight and a splash of water making it incredibly easy to maintain. Plus it’s a bargain buy at most nurseries.




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