Honda CX500 Cafe Racer – by KINGSTON CUSTOM

If you don’t already have an attraction to motorcycles, surely this Honda CX500 Cafe Racer by Kingston Custom will spark an interest.

Dirk Oehlerking from Kingston Custom is the man behind this amazing build. He has taken a middleweight motorcycle from the late 70s, commonly called the “plastic maggot” and turned it into a golden treasure for 2014. Losing all the plastic and in true German fashion, created one of the cleanest and tasteful CX500 cafe racers we have ever seen.

Stripped bare, Dirk singled handedly built this bike back up with every screw and part passing through his hands. Each one is checked, machined, modified or newly made. The bike’s transverse V-twin engine received a sheen of thermo-sensitive coating, while the exhaust manifold is wrapped with thermal tape. That comfy bench seat is handmade, along with the battery box, fenders, foot brake lever, and the pint-sized fairing on top. There’s a modified Harley exhaust, footrests from an XT 600 Yamaha, stub handlebars via Fehling, a Bates headlight with a Harley cap, and tires by Avon. The gold paint job is simply the icing on the cake for this café racer.

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