Hibiki Tasting at The Connaught Bar London

Suntory Whisky invited TVG to a very special Hibiki tasting featuring the new jewel-sized Hibiki 12 at The Connaught Bar in The Connaught Hotel in London. Voted World’s Best Cocktail bar at Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award 2012 it was a fitting location to sample one of the world’s best whiskies.


Agostino Perrone, International Bartender of the Year 2010 and the Connaught Bar’s Director of Mixology, created a bespoke cocktail for the evening aptly named the Japanese Affair using the Hibiki 17.

On the night Suntory Whisky’s Chief Blender, Mr Koshimizu hosted a Hibiki masterclass, during which everyone got to taste Hibiki 12, Hibiki 17, Hibiki 21 and the extremely rare Hibiki 30. In my opinion the standout was easily the 21 year old whisky, for all the smoke and mirrors that the 30 year old possesses the 21 delivers a much finer texture, smokier and more complex than it’s older brother – no doubt one of the best blended whiskies on the market today.


Following the tutored tasting we were also treated to an ice ball carving (by hand) demonstration hosted by the whisky Brand Manager Zoran Peric.


The Hibiki 12 50cl bottle from The Whisky Exchange and The Whisky shop or online at www.thewhiskyexchange.com and www.whiskyshop.com

Suntory Whisky Ambassador- Zoran Peric


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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