Herringbone – Made To Measure

Combining an element of luxury with timeless style and superior quality, Herringbone’s Made to Measure service allows customers to experience the highest level of personalised tailoring.

Offering Made to Measure shirting and suiting, Herringbone clients are presented with a variety of options when selecting their detail and style. These include mother-of-pearl buttons, contrast cross-stitching and a choice of over 150 of the world’s finest fabrics. For those fond of expressing individual taste, a distinctive range of collars, cuffs and personalised embroidery is available.

After a single appointment with one of Herringbone’s trained tailors, customers can be assured perfectly fitting shirts and suits within just four weeks. Subsequent orders have a turn around of only 2 weeks, as fitting details are kept on file to make re-ordering simple and effecient

Their is a distinct upward trend in bespoke tailoring and personalised shopping experiences in the Australian menswear market. If well recognised, well respected brands such as Herringbone are taking the time to offer such services it’s saying a lot about their commitment to keeping the consumer at the forefront of their operations. No longer is such a service for the limitless spending high-end businessman, instead shirts starting at $179 and suits at $1395 put this at an affordable price point for any young fashion conscious, savvy 9-5’er.

Made to Measure shirting is now available nationally at all Herringbone stores while Made to Measure suiting is available by appointment in selected stores across the country.

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