Heroes of Design: Charles Eames

Becoming an icon is no mean feat. It takes a revolutionary way of thinking and an enigmatic personality in order to go down in the annuls of history and it is seldom that someone is truly considered an icon. In the world of design, however, there is one man for whom the term “icon” is more than fitting and it is that of the American designer, Charles Eames, who truly revolutionised the world of furniture in the 20th century and still exerts considerable sway over interior design today.

Eames was born in the city of St. Louis in 1907 and by the mid 20th century, he was taking the world of design by storm with his innovative furniture designs such as the brilliantly crafted and understated DSW chair and the painfully luxurious Eames lounge chair and ottoman. You can check out these two fantastically stylish pieces of design below:

Eames was a revolutionary thinker indeed and along with his fellow designers at the time – we’re talking the likes of Harry Bertoia, Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen – he was largely responsible for the Modernist movement in furniture design which dragged furniture away from the mundane fare that was rampant and toward a sleeker, more stylish and understated type of furniture that has remained popular for well over half a century now.

A real style icon and hero of design, there are few out there who hold so much sway over designers working today than that of Charles Eames and he’s definitely largely responsible for some of the most striking and stylish pieces of designer furniture seen in contemporary homes today. It truly is testament to Eames’ unparalleled skills as a furniture designer that his pieces remain so popular to this day despite them first being released well over half a century ago.

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