Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch Tournament

What do you get when you combine an unusual gin, a peculiar venue and a man named Dr. Phil? You get an eclectic cocktail named The Horse and Hound Punch.

If you’ve been to The Roosevelt it’s very likely you’ve drunk one of the finest cocktails you’ve ever had and probably will have in your entire life. The Roosevelt, like it’s sister Eau De Vie delivers on quality like no other, so when TVG were invited to attend and partake in Dr Phil’s new creation as a part of the Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch Tournament we got rather excited.

Phil Gandevia (aka Dr Phil) has a sterling reputation, commonly referred to as the most knowledgeable barman in all the land. His concoction for the Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch comp continues his legacy as a truly innovative and imaginative mixologist.

The drink combines Hendricks, bespoke Sweet Vermouth, beetroot, Lord Nelson ale, fresh tarragon and an egg, which adds a lovely viscosity to the warm syrup. This drink is about as savoury as one could get, the beetroot flavour kicks instantly, layering the mouth for a lovely addition of spices and textures from the carefully chosen garnish which Dr Phil grates over our cups from a small pepper grinder. In the magical grinder is a wondrous mix of ingredients like Yarrow, Cubeb, Angelica, Mace and Grains of Paradise which makes the cocktail all that more fascinating and magical. I can’t remember having such an interesting drink, let alone a cocktail, ever.

Much like The Roosevelt itself, The Horse and Hound Punch is all about its surroundings, served in an ornate Hendricks teapot with a side of the world’s most delicious duck liver pate, which we fought over to the very last portion. When you visit the Roosevelt you’re paying for that next level of service and quality and you notice it, especially when Dr Phil wraps up our Hot Gin Punch experience like Bobby Flay in an episode of Iron Chef, explaining every ingredient with precision and knowledge. We were so impressed we decided we’d stay for another cocktail, and then another and then one more – luckily, Dr Phil was there to get the door.

*Dr Phil has made the final of the Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch Tournament so The Roosevelt will continue to serve The Horse and Hound Punch throughout September. We suggest you go in and give it a whirl.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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