Hedonist Yacht by Art of Kinetik

This is the second delightful tipp-off from TVG’s good friend Mr Henry Pilcher and it’s an absolute stunner.

The Hedonist Yacht by Art of Kinetik fuses elegance with mechanical expertise and it does so in impeccable fashion. All 63′ feet of the yacht are perfected by hand, including the solid mahogany hull and the twin Rolls Royce jet engines. Not a single screw is visible on the entire boat, an amazing accomplishment when you consider the amount of wood used to build it.

The most fascinating theme here is the idea that such a modern design can pair effortlessly with the timelessness of traditional construction methods and materials. Wood provides a level of personality that steel or fibreglass cannot. To say this boat has a lot of personality is a severe understatement. It’s the type of modern motor yacht that can be appreciated by purists flying Red Ensigns off the sterns of their Beneteau’s. 63 foot of pure class and uncompromised quality.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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