Harrolds Department Store Melbourne

Melbourne is pretty well known for its style, specifically its mens style. I’d have to attribute this partially to the climate, it’s a lot easier to dress up and accessorise in a cooler city. On the other hand I’d have to attribute it to the plethora of shopping options and most notably the Harrolds department store on Collins St. We ventured into Harrolds last Friday to have a browse and we were absolutely blown away. Unlike the Sydney store which I feel is a little couped up inside the new Westfield, the Melbourne flagship store stands alone in a massive double story shop in a premium Collins St location. The store offers casual wear on the lower floor and suiting on the top floor, the top floor also boasts a separate Brioni section and a new Tom Ford section is currently under construction. I’m not going to lie, the prices are quite astonishing (we heard a gentleman groan as the store attendent told him the white shirt he was trying on cost $650 and you’re looking at around $8000 for a Brioni suit) but it’s certainly something to aim for. The shop is just phenomenal, styled in dark woods and leather, it’s the quintessential male ‘library’ fitted with a bar on the top floor serving coffee and spirits. They’ve captured the ‘Gentlemans Club’ vibe effortlessly and when you’re there and you see the type of men shopping there it only solidifies your desire to join the big dogs and drop the black card on the marble table top and take your pick of the finest men’s clothes on offer in Australia. An absolute must visit if you’re in Melbourne.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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