Long Awaited Harley-Davidson LiveWire Details Confirmed

Notorious for their hulking bikes brimming with bravado, Harley-Davidson is hoping to spike their lacking sales with the long-awaited Harley-Davidson LiveWire.

The technical specifications for the rather beautiful Harley-Davidson LiveWire have now been released, and while the bike is ticking all the boxes for performance success, potential customers are questioning the price bracket the bike-making veterans have gone with.

The Specs

A flick of the wrist will see the rider hit 0-60 in less than 3.5 seconds – no clutch, no gears, all oomph. This is thanks to immediate access to 100% of the bike’s torque with one single flick of the wrist. The design is typically Harley and especially muscular in comparison to any other product that has the word ‘electric’ in its title. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire is available in three colour schemes:

  • Harley-Davidson’s recognisable burnt orange.
  • Golden-yellow.
  • Midnight black.

Riders can expect a range of 177km on urban roads which is quite average for an upper-market electric bike. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire has a standard recharge rate of 20.9km per hour but this number is increased considerably when using a level 3 DC charger. When using the level 3 charger, the bike can be fully charged in about half an hour.

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One of Harley-Davidson’s most futuristic and advantageous selling points is its integration with the Harley-Davidson app. This includes a handy and clean GPS system displayed on-screen while riding but its real perks lie in the user’s phone. Riders have open access to information such as current recharge level and the current location of the bike thanks to GPS tracking. The latter of the two comes in especially handy should the bike be stolen.

The H-D Connect Service that powers this perk won’t be available to everyone though, and Harley-Davidson are yet to announce which markets miss out on the feature.

Measuring Up

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire is a great electric bike in terms of power. Its 0-60 capabilities and torque ratio make for a compelling package. But in terms of pricing, the numbers don’t quite stack up for the company.

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For example, the Model S from Zero Motorcycles goes for $10,995 USD and comes with far superior range – 358km on urban roads compared to LiveWire’s meagre 177km. Furthermore, Harley-Davidson’s offering only allows for a 112km range for highway riding. That’s barely long enough to enjoy a good day out on the coastal roads.

What you’re obviously paying for here is beauty, speed, power, and the Harley-Davidson experience, offset by the technological integration of the app which only offered to some (not all) markets.

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire will retail for $29,799 USD, which is certainly reaching into the upper echelons of motorbike pricing. Despite HD’s claim of the LiveWire being the most connected motorcycle experience ever, a mid $40k price range in Australia (launching late 2020) will render it inaccessible for the majority, and certainly won’t help the brand sell more units. It is worth it? Will it sell? North America and Western Europe will know come their Autumn when the LiveWire is released.

Check out the Harley-Davidson LiveWire at Harley-Davidson’s website.


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