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You will have come to the realisation by now that The Versatile Gent is a big fan of IWC. So when we’d heard that former employee Richard Habring, the man behind IWC’s trademark caliber the Doppelchronograph, had begun producing his own timepieces under an independent brand now available in Australia we were keen to take a look.

Jumping Second Pilot

Jumping Second Pilot – $5,950

Since 2004 Richard and his wife have been manufacturing truly boutique watches under the brand Habring2, made by hand with the finest materials available to them. Located in the township of Voelkermarkt in southern Austria the couple are producing technically brilliant and beautiful watches that are rare and unique. Their calibres are developed from foundation movements by Valjoux, Felsa and Chézard as well as offering their own in house components for their tourbillon all decorated with engravings inspired by 17th century Carinthian master engravers.

Habring Watches


Habring2 aren’t mucking around and their high quality timepieces haven’t gone unnoticed by the industry. Last year at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève Richard and his wife were awarded the best sports watch prize for their Doppel 2.0 along side a host of extremely haute horology brands including HYT, MB&F and Greubel Forsey. The HabringDoppel 2.0 is a refined split second chronograph made by the man who invented it, which is quite an awesome concept when you consider what you’re wearing on your wrist.

There was one clear similarity in the list of winners from last years GPHG, all the watches were rare, made in an extremely limited run. But there was also one clear difference, the Doppel 2.0 had a list price of $7,800 US dollars. The HYT was $45,000, the MB&F $100,000 and the Gruebel, well you don’t even want to know, somewhere near the million mark. The learning then? Habring2 offer world class timepieces with a serious pedigree for a price you can afford!

Doppel 2.0

Doppel 2.0

I’m always looking for interesting watches to recommend to people and Habring2 has certainly got my vote. Every year Habring² proves the development of the portable mechanical watch is far from over by introducing clever, innovative and detailed solutions such as the “Crown Operation System” (COS – a chronograph that completely does without push-buttons). This is the type innovation that makes you proud to wear a particular brand’s watch.Jumping Second Moonphase

Jumping Second Moonphase – $7800
Rose Gold Tourbillon - $26,000

Rose Gold Tourbillon – $26,000

There’s a great range of watches from Habring2 at Define watches. Check out the full range here.


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