Top Restuarants in Montreal

The thing that stood out above everything else on our trip to the Quebec Region was the quality and price of food. The fresh produce markets in Montreal are unbelievable and provide the cities best restaurants and its residents with their ingredients. We tasted the juiciest corn, the sweetest strawberries and the most delicious cheese all sourced from local farmers and championed on local menus. We didn’t have one meal we weren’t impressed with but the list below showcases the top restaurants in Montreal that we visited.

Le Local
740 William St
Our first meal in Montreal was lunch at a funky upmarket restaurants with a mixed crowd of suits and hipsters. Le Local was a fantastic reminder of the European ‘lunch special’ concept – bread, an entrée and a main all for $21. We had a carrot and ginger soup followed by a smoked meat sandwich paired with a locally brewed beer and couldn’t believe the quality for the price!

le local

Bistro Cocagne
3842 Saint-Denis Street
Plateau Mont-Royal
On the first evening we headed to Plateau Mont-Royal to a street littered with small bistros. Thankfully we were in good hands and our restaurant had been chosen for us. At the quaint Bistro Cocagne we had a stunning al dente beef ravioli followed by a better roast pork and an even better crunchy chocolate tart. We’d been impressed with Le Local earlier that day but Bistro Cocagne turned it up a notch. Delicious bistro style cooking presented beautifully.

bistro cocagne

Olive + Gourmando
351 rue Saint Paul Ouest
Old Town Montreal
Olive and Gourmando is bustling café/kitchen/deli with a great vibe and amazing looking paninis. The place is always packed, often with a line curving around the corner we’re told. We dropped in post lunch and didn’t eat but enjoyed an excellent coffee.

Olive and Gourmando

Food Lab (SAT)
1201 Saint-Laurent Blvd
Latin Quarter
As you follow Saint-Laurent Blvd out of the Old Town you walk through China Town and into the Latin Quarter and suddenly sitting on your right is strange modern building covered in a wall of lights, the Society for Arts and Technology. Owned and operated by a not for profit organization the SAT is a centre for the development of arts and digital technologies. It also doubles as a nightclub and a very good restaurant, which is located on the roof. We scored a cracking afternoon and drank bianco sangria while we tasted some traditional French food with a modern twist, including a standout Bouillabaisse.


310 rue Saint-Paul Ouest
Old Town Montreal
On the last evening we ventured down to a beautiful corner of Old Town that had become our favourite part of the city. After reading a couple of reviews online about Bocata we decided we’d give it a shot. Initially we were turned away because the restaurant was packed but were slotted in on the corner of the bar. We chatted with the barman who was extremely knowledgeable about the French wine list while he served us a selection local cheeses and Iberico ham. We followed the entrée with one of the most epic meals I’ve ever consumed, a lamb rack on baked eggplant with more local cheese and a Malbec. We finished off with an interesting orange wine and pannacotta topped with fresh fruit. A truly exceptional meal.



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