Gosling as Jacob Palmer

If you’ve seen Crazy Stupid Love you’ll know why I’ve written this post. If you haven’t then I suggest you run up to Blockbuster and grab it before you read this article because you’re not going to connect with it if you haven’t seen Ryan Gosling’s character Jacob Palmer, one of the most precisely detailed and dapper characters in modern day cinema.

Gosling is absolutely killing it and this role couldn’t have come at a better time for him. As an actor he has cemented his ability to play an array of characters in uniquely dramatic roles and as a style icon, well, he’s number one for me. His character in Crazy Stupid Love is dressed immaculately in every scene. Bold suits with innate details, jackets and exquisitely tailored shirts confirm his character is a man with superior confidence, proper style and a lot of cash.

The wardrobe in the movie was designed by Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jnr. Hammond was a serial customizer of his own suits throughout his career, so his progression into tailoring was a simple step. The line focuses on crisp detailing, the kind of details that a truly stylish gentleman never misses. Touches of leather, tortoise shell buttons, elegant hand finished stitching and meticulous suede appointments are all featured in Hammond’s creations.

Gosling’s character is arguably one of the best dressed male characters in modern day cinema, somewhere between Daniel Craig as Bond and Brad Pitt as Rusty. That’s not to say he’s not immaculately dressed out of character because he is, at every event he attends. Confidence and style are fused effortlessly with Gosling, maybe a little unfairly on a movie budget where every piece was tailored especially for him. Nevertheless Gosling is a Boss in every single way.


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