Glenfiddich 21 Gran Reserva Whisky Review

Bula! I bring you this week’s whisky of the week the Glenfiddich 21 Gran Reserva finished in a Cuban rum cask from the beautiful island of Fiji.

If ever there is an example of globalisation this is it! I am an Aussie, holidaying in Fiji, sipping on a Scottish whisky that was matured in a cask from Cuba. And yes I am living the dream!

This is an earlier release of the Glenfiddich 21 previously called the Havana Reserve. It was changed to Gran Reserva after some backlash due to tensions between Cuba and the US. A real shame because the characteristics of a Cuban rum shines through wonderfully in this drop.

Glenfiddich 21 Whisky

Before I do the review its important to note this has only been finished in a rum cask. Essentially this means it has spent most of its life maturing in another cask (in this case it happens to be ex-bourbon) and then finally spending some time in premium Cuban rum casks.

Nosing (Aroma)

On the nose there are warm spices reminiscent of a great rum with hints of honey. On a second whiff you will also find some fruity sweetness in the form of sultanas.

Palate (Taste)

The palate is light with musky undertones which is ever present in the background without overpowering the overall whisky. The beautiful muskiness is beautifully balanced with peppery and cardamon spices. It’s almost as if these spices have been dipped in toffee and carry the hallmarks of a great rum.

Finish (After Taste)

The finish delivers notes emanating from the oak coupled with hints sweetness to create an excellent end to a brilliant dram.

Overall, I’ll call this an exceptional whisky which can be enjoyed by veteran drinkers and beginners alike. Though it must be said this does vary a touch from the current Glenfiddich 21 but the essence of the liquid gold is still there.

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