Glenfarclas 15 Whisky Review

Before diving into the review here is an interesting piece of trivia for you regarding the Glenfarclas range. All their statements have ‘Highland’ single malt written on the labels even though they are located in the heart of Speyside.

There are two primary reasons. The firstbeing, Speyside was once part of the Highland region. As many of you know tradition is a big part of scotches so why change it. The other being their drams are inspired by the profiles of a typical Highland dram which is rich in sherry with spice notes.

That’s enough trivia for one week. Lets dive in and review Glenfarclas 15.

Nose (Aroma)
On the nose you are met with barley sugar coupled with hints of oak which is overpowered by beautiful sherry notes. All three elements come together very well gifting a balanced experience.

Palate (Taste)
The promise of the nosing comes through in the palate with barley sugar wrestling with intense sherry and oak spice. This is in stark contrast to other Speyside gems such as Glenfiddich and Glenlivet.

Finish (After Taste)
The finish breaks free from the grips of the earlier notes to deliver nutty notes, vanilla and hint of coffee to bring the complexity home.

Overall, the Glenfarclas 15 is an interesting dram. It is priced slightly above other 15 year olds but delivers complexity and punch. If you want to break free from the vanilla sweetness of your typical Speyside dram then give this a go.

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