Getting Your Party Priorities Straight

Whether you’re hosting an afternoon BBQ, an intimate dinner or straight out raging party there are a few essential party needs that must be addressed. Being unprepared is a host’s worst nightmare, that moment you realise you’ve made some critical oversights and your party goes from yay to nay. Below are some tips to making it happen and doing it right – follow these and you’ll end up drawing a crowd, have a bucket full of stories and an unforgettable night.

Party Invite

The Arrival Time
Whatever the reason, whoever the guests, there’s an unspoken rule that the start time is actually 1-2 hours past the time stated on the invitation –this is out of your control, so don’t fret. If you want an 8pm arrival, make it 6pm, if you want a 2pm arrival, make it 12pm. Simple maths and some social investigation on our part, has determined this to be right so make sure you don’t have the guacamole going brown with no one around to eat it. 


The Charcuterie Board
This really depends on event size, time of day, facilities and skill. Generally speaking guests will expect a few bite size delicacies on arrival – the best advice we can give is to throw together a large Charcuterie board. 

All there is to a spectacular Charcuterie board is a variety of cured meats, something pickled, maybe a little pate, and a few dabs of bold flavours. A few tips for first timers; use a variety of cured meats, don’t go cheap on the pate, throw in something pickled, offer a selection of spreads, use the freshest bread you can find, and make double the amount you think because this will be popular.


The Beverages
Arguably the heart of any party is the drink offering, and when hosting you should always supply something for your guests. BYO is fine to throw on the bottom of the invitation, but you’re the host and if you don’t supply grog then you’ve made a serious oversight. Let’s keep it simple though with beer, sparkling and a couple of mixed offerings. Show your passion for craft beer and grab some of the incredible Grifter Pale Ale – A pale ale with an explosive hop bitterness & aroma thanks to the use of all Australian grown hops – Topaz & Galaxy. Sparkling comes in many shapes and forms and more often than not people have no idea about it. We recently wrote about Larmandier-Bernier Blanc de Blancs – 100% Chardonnay based sparkling that’s largely indicative of the movement away from the customary Champagne blend – it’s approachable, fragrant, sprightly and perfect for all occasions. 


Mixed drinks are likes bands, everyone has a favourite but you’ve got to produce something that pleases everyone. Jack Daniel’s Honey, Dry and Lime is a concoction doing the rounds of late that has enough citrus to keep the ladies happy, and just enough of the Jack Daniel’s bite to keep the gents at bay. Pour it over big chunks of ice and serve in a low-ball tumbler for a refreshing beverage that you can drink all night.


The Plus Ones
Your guests will inevitably ask you if they can bring their friends…let them. Parties are about having fun, meeting people and expecting the unexpected. Have a few drinks, forget about the vase your grandmother gave you, lock your bedroom door and throw on the best of LCD Soundsystem. Plus ones have the potential to make your party that little bit special, they expect nothing, know no one and if the party goes as well as you’ve planned they’ll be still talking about it come Monday morning.

Some people find throwing a party a stressful circumstance, worry overtakes excitement, panic squashes out happiness. If you get a few simple things right as listed above, greatness is guaranteed.

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“Don’t get stung. Please drink responsibly”


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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