Gastro Park. Is. Excellent.

It seems while in London last year TVG missed the initial hype surrounding Gastro Park. Well I’m happy to say I had the pleasure of visiting the Roslyn St restaurant a couple of weeks ago and was severely impressed.

There’s no arguing that Roslyn St has its ups and downs. Downs include the LIDO suites, the fact that it’s in Kings Cross and of course FAKE Club. Ups include the Restricted Premises menswear store, the Gelato shop and now Gastro Park.

There’s something unusually comforting about sitting in Gastro Park, protected by the ceiling high windows whilst observing the general seediness of Roslyn St. It’s a strange restaurant, but I guess that is the fault of the building. The curved room actually works surprisingly well with tables running along the walls surrounding a central display of flowers and wedges of cheese sitting on marble.

We were greeted by a very cheerful waiter, in fact everyone who tended to us was lovely. Our jackets were taken and we were led to our seat. The wine list is plentiful, a thorough selection of Australian and International wines which is important for a menu that changes daily. We’d had some cocktails before arriving and because it was a school night we opted for a glass each, probably not the most economical option, but if that’s an issue, then you’re definitely in the wrong place.

The menu is erratic and I like the fact that it challenges me. We choose ceviche and seared venison to start and then duck breast and  crispy scaled snapper for mains. The ceviche is brought to the table on a salt stone and is absolutely perfect, without a doubt the highlight for me. The venison is delicious but a little light on the serving. The mains are placed in front of us and I’m not sure if I’m looking at Picasso’s Weeping Woman or my dinner. I was truly blown away by the presentation and was worried that the meal wouldn’t be able to fill its shoes, not to worry, it did.

After cleansing the palate with an espresso I was more than content. Gastro Park had impressed me immensely and I hadn’t even experienced the final touch. As we paid our bill and walked towards the door we were thanked by our waiters who had not only retrieved our coats but were holding them out for us, waiting to dress us like royalty and as I walked out the door I realised just how impressed I was with my first Gastro Park experience.

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