Fratelli Paradiso

It was November last year when TVG first met Giovanni at his small 10 William St wine bar. We had a wonderful night of Italian focused food with a lesson or two in their unique organic wines. Fast forward a year and we find ourselves down at Fratelli Paradiso, which is currently celebrating a decade of success in Potts Point, for yet another superb dining experience.

On this perfect Summer’s evening we kick things off with a couple of unfamiliar beers. I enjoy sampling new beer varieties when eating out, especially when recommended by the staff. On a warm night it was the perfect way to cool off and set up for the forthcoming meal.

Described as a cross between a café, wine bar and restaurant, owners Giovanni and Enrico Paradiso and Marco Ambrosino maintain a strong sense of Italian personality throughout the restaurant and menu. Giovanni greets us as we’re scanning the blackboard, however it became obvious that letting him dictate the night’s proceedings was going to give us the best experience.

For starters we share the Burrata e Gamberi (Prawn, Burrat & Kale), Calamari Sant’ Andrea (Squid fried, Rocket & Balsamic) and Carpaccio (Beef, Mushroom & Sauce Reynard). Each has it’s own delicious qualities, textures and flavours that match beautifully with our first glass of white wine. The squid is the only signature dish on the menu and you can see how it’s cemented it’s spot – beautifully textured and melts in your mouth. With each course we were served a hand-selected wine from Giovanni. We ventured from rose, to white, red and even a rare and interesting ‘orange’ wine, not one label I recognised and not one glass I couldn’t finish.

We worked our way around the menu, sampling the Porcini Tagliatelli and Cuttlefish Risotto, then moving onto the Veal and Quail. The stand out for me was the Quail, coated in a Portuguese inspired spice and served with chanterelle, eschallot, currant and olives.

A glass of sticky and a trio of desserts finished us off beautifully and as we wrapped things up at around 9.30pm the restaurant was still buzzing with people. It’s an environment that encourages you to have that extra drink or stay for that extra hour, and while the doors are still open the service will be fantastic. Giovanni is passionate and genuine and this is reflected in all aspects of the restaurant. This is a wonderful dining experience and should be on the ‘to-do’ list for any Sydney sider.

Fratelli Paradiso
12-16 Challis Ave
Potts Point NSW 2011

To check out the menu or book a table call (02) 9357 1744 or head to the Fratelli Paradiso website.

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