Frankies Shoes – Handmade Italian Driving Loafers

Francis Egan has two jobs, by day he’s a lawyer, tackling the big issues of corporate law – by night he runs a boutique loafer brand called Frankies Shoes. Frankies was born after countless summers in Europe and a realisation that Australia lacked a true Italian loafer option at a reasonable price, so he put two and two together, found a premium italian leather supplier and alas, Frankies was born.

Now that’s a very simplified version of events, in between the idea and the end product was much research and hunting around for products, manufacturers and suppliers. Never the less, the end result is a superb, full Italian leather loafer available in a brilliant range of colours and at a price that won’t have you sweating at checkout ($198).

The colours are radiant and a reflection of the Italian man, who finds no colour too bright and no pattern too bold. Frankies offers a series of more classical colours to suit the not so “loud” customer, however if I had any advice I’d say go for something a little out of your comfort zone, let this summer be a bright one.

Coming out of a mild winter I’ve managed to get some early use out of the traditionally summer-styled shoe. Pair them with a cuffed chino, or a neutral shirt/short combination and let the shoe do the talking. Buy them a little small and let them stretch out slightly and by the time summer does come around you’ll be well and truly worn in, the only problem is how many pairs are too many?

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