Find True Solitude at Norway’s Fordypningsrommet Arctic Hideaway

Norwegian musician Håvard Lund has brought to life a strange idea. In 2014, Lund built Fordypningsrommet in his native land of Norway. Although difficult to pronounce, its original purpose was quite simple:

Let creatives, create – in a unique, mesmerising, and inspiring environment.

Since 2014, Lund and his management has allowed musicians, writers, artists, and countless other artisans to stay at Fordypningsrommet for a week, free of charge. However, for the less creative-minded of us, Lund allows visits worth up to $3,600 per week.

Located on the scattered Nordic islands of Fleinvær (situated above the arctic circle), Fordypningsrommet is the supreme spot for frosty romantic getaways or solo thought expeditions. The key functions of the cabins are serenity and solitude. Therefore accessing the archipelago is purposely near-impossible. The trip includes a flight to Oslo, then a flight to the small coastal town of Bodø, then an hour-long boat ride to an island devoid of roads, cars, businesses, and apart from Fordypningsrommet itself, infrastructure. Heading there during the prime time of December and January means you’ll also be doing the trip in perpetual darkness.

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Why would the most requested time to visit Fordypningsrommet be when the island is blanketed in night? The Northern Lights, of course. Not to mention the sweet yet unsettling melancholy of trying to create masterpieces by the glow of florescent lighting. Island features include kitchens, a bathhouse, a sauna by the pier, an artist’s studio, and a small, windowed room raised just above the ground. The purpose of this room is to simply contemplate your life and your works.

It’s the cabin’s floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for panoramic, indoor views of the Northern Lights. As for accessing the rest of society, Fordypningsrommet is happy to provide you with an assistant who will do daily runs to retrieve food from the mainland.

Fordypningsrommet is the perfect spot to grow a beard, think about your accomplishments, and write an epic poem. If you’re interested, head to the website to have all the essential questions answered.


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